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Dark fleet and tanker sector reputation risk

Seatrade Maritime News 07 Dec 2022
Should the quality tanker sector, and even the shipping industry in general, be concerned about this shadowy stain on maritime trade? Here again we perhaps ought to think about perception and the way in which any incidents involving pollution will be regarded in the minds of the ...

Stena Bulk: Compliance costs rise amid dark fleet fears

Tradewinds 07 Dec 2022
... with some tankers sold for scrap returning to trading oil from Venezuela, Iran and Russia.

Russia Bets On Growing ‘Dark Fleet’ To Ship Its Oil

Oil Price 07 Dec 2022
An unusually large number of tankers have changed ownership in recent months in what analysts and ...

Russian Oil Sanctions Fuel Boom for Old Tankers

The Epoch Times 07 Dec 2022
LONDONThe market for old oil tankers is booming, and it’s all down to efforts by Western nations to curb trade in Russian crude.

Kremlin strives to beat sanctions battering Russia

Asiatimes 07 Dec 2022
This would be similar to the measures the Japanese government took in 2012 when it provided “a sovereign guarantee of up to $7.6 billion in liability for a tanker carrying Iranian oil” to maintain trade with the country ... Smuggling routes through Central Asia have historically facilitated the northern drug trade route to Europe.

Chaotic scenes around the Dardanelles on the opening day of the Russia tanker ban

Splash24/7 06 Dec 2022
The unintended consequences of the new tanker trading era in the eastern Mediterranean are that Russian crude is still flowing to Asian buyers while Kazakh oil has been hit by delays ... Tankers previously used in other sanctions-busting trades are likely to find employment shipping ...

Dubai-based Transworld Group enters tanker segment

Gulf News 05 Dec 2022
The purchase of two LR1 tankers, named TTC Vidyut and TTC Shakti, marks a new era in the 46-year history of the Group. The tankers, which are trading in clean petroleum products will be employed on worldwide trades ... This makes Navig8 one of the leading pools for LR tankers in today’s market.

As Russian Oil Price Cap Approaches, OPEC+ Leaves Output Cuts Intact

The Maritime Executive 05 Dec 2022
Hundreds of tankers have been sold to unknown buyers this year, creating the possibility that the trade could continue under anonymous ownership in friendlier jurisdictions. Russian exporters can also draw on the shadow fleet of tankers that serve the sanctioned Iranian and Venezuelan trades.

In chaos there is profit: Old oil tankers aren't headed to scrap any more

Hot Air 05 Dec 2022
I read that as Europe won’t take any Russian oil, but they will still allow European oil companies to trade in Russian oil as long as they move it under the $60bbl cap ... The market for old oil tankers is booming, and it’s all down to efforts by Western nations to curb trade in Russian crude.

Special report: The Russian oil ban and what it means for shipping

Tradewinds 05 Dec 2022
Hundreds of ‘unknown’ shipowners take control of tankers ... ____________________ Tanker tonne-mile surge tipped following EU Russia ban. Reshuffle of Russian oil trades will give increased voyage distances for crude and product tankers.

Europe’s new sanctions on Russian oil kick in. What changes?

Live Mint 05 Dec 2022
The same goes for European tankers, especially the giant Greek fleet.But there are still enormous unanswered questions that will shape the impact of the measures on the oil market, including the depth of non-European insurance markets, the appetite of some tanker owners to ...

EU oil import ban in force as uncertainty hits tanker deals

Tradewinds 05 Dec 2022
... package of measures that will have a profound effect on the tanker trade.

Greece, Bulgaria discuss oil pipeline bypassing Bosphorus Strait

Al Jazeera 05 Dec 2022
The EU move disrupts tanker trade from Russia’s oil export terminal at Novorossiysk on the Black Sea’s east coast to EU ports on its west coast ... A 650,000-tonne tanker farm in Alexandroupolis would ensure a constant supply to ships.

Ukraine war: West sets oil price cap and Russian crude ban in bid to choke Putin's profits

ITV 05 Dec 2022
Play Brightcove video. ITV News business and economics editor Joel Hills analyses the latest sanctions ... In theory, if countries who trade with Russia pay more than this they will be denied access to European tankers and insurance. In practice, it's not clear how effective the cap will be ... .

Why the Middle East can play a pivotal role in the new gas geography

The National 05 Dec 2022
Three deals announced last week herald a profound reconfiguration of the global gas market. One sends gas to Asia, another to Europe and a third opens up Middle East gas. And the world’s greatest gas power of all is on the losing end ... World gas trade is thus reorienting from pipelines to LNG transported by tanker ... ....

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